Motorola T80 replacement information!

7th June 2018

The Motorola T80 has been discontinued and replaced with the Motorola T82! Download the document to learn more regarding the T80's new replacement.


22nd Janurary 2018

This new large IP68 Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) has been designed to the same level of robustness as your radio solution. It can withstand dust, dirt and sand and is water submersible as deep as 2 metres for 2 hours.

It includes a high/low volume toggle switch, orange emergency button, one additional programmable button and a 3.5mm audio jack. This RSM is specifically designed to provide a better performance outdoors in bad weather thanks to its windporting technology.

This dramatically reduces the noise caused by howling winds and harsh weather and it also prevents water from clogging the microphone and distorting your transmission. Where your operational needs call for toughness associated with performance, the PMMN4099B IMPRES RSM will deliver optimized, loud and clear audio performance so that you can stay safe and focus on the task at hand.


• Dimensions (WxLxD): 60 x 78mm x 28mm (without clip)
• Acoustic: Windporting Omni-Directional
• Housing: Large
• Emergency Button: Yes
• Volume Control: High/Low toggle
• Programmable Button: Yes (one)
• IP Rating: IP68
• Audio Jack 3.5mm: Yes
• Radio compatibility: PCR DP4000e series TETRA MTP6000 Series
• Intrinsic Safety Standard: UL-TIA4950 Div 1 Class I, II & III, Div 2 Class I, II & III (DP4000e Series)
• Compatible earpieces: MDRLN4941 (UL), MDRLN4885 (UL), WADN4190 (UL), PMLN7560 (Non UL) and PMLN7396 (Non UL)

Every guest experience perfected!

17th Janurary 2018

Receptionists have to be calm and helpful, ready to satisfy every customer request. Security teams need to respond in a moment to threats and incidents. Management has to see the big picture and coordinate resources to deliver outstanding guest experiences, day and night. With more people considering private accommodation as a viable alternative, embracing new technology while retaining the personal touch is crucial.

But how do you do that? How do you streamline your operations and connect all your people together, no matter where they work, what they do or which device they use? The secret is to provide them with unified voice and data communications. One seamless and reliable solution that instantly connects the people you want, when you want them. With real-time information and communication, staff respond faster and make better decisions. Guest requests are quickly satisfied. Security threats rapidly defused. Your ratings soar and business thrives.

Motorola SL2600 NOW AVAILABLE!

21st November 2017

Motorola has launched the new SL2600 portable. The SL2600 offers a professional, sophisticated mid-tier portable that is slim, lightweight and discreet. It blends seamlessly with professional attire and is built to last. The radio is compatible with conventional operation for single sites and IP Site Connect plus MOTOTRBO trunking with Capacity Plus single or multi-site. The SL2600 is packed with features including a virtual keypad display, indoor location tracking, built-in Bluetooth and integrated Wi-Fi.

Vertex Product Cancellations Novemver 2017

6th November 2017

Click the link below to view the Vertex product cancellations for November 2017

New Motorola Micro sites

1st Novmeber 2017

We are pleased to announce that our Motorola based microsites are now LIVE! The two new sites we have released are:

- TRBOnet 

- WAVE OnCloud

Click the links below to visit them!

Motorola XT660d NOW AVAILABLE!

23rd October 2017

Introducing the new Motorola XT660d two-way radio!

The XT600d Series is ideal for organisations that understand instant communication is a competitive advantage. Designed to work at the speed of business, XT600d radios are packed with features that keep your team connected and productive.

It starts with enhanced digital calling. Whether you need to call a single person, a group, or the entire organisation, you can reach exactly who you need.

Because personnel are often widely dispersed, control matters too. The XT600d Series lets you remotely monitor your radios, send call alerts, and even disable radios if they’re lost.

We understand that today’s businesses need more than one way to communicate. The full keypad lets your team send text messages, ensuring that detailed project information is conveyed accurately.

With the XT600d Series, you can record and play back conversations for training purposes and audit protection. Enjoy crystal clear digital audio for flawless communication. And you have the option of adding digital XT600d radios into an existing analogue fleet, allowing you to upgrade on your terms.

New product announcement!

2nd October 2017

Introducing the new compact Motorola SLR 1000 repeater!

Keeping your team connected requires uninterrupted radio coverage. Using the SLR 1000 repeater, you can easily extend the range of your network through dead zones and across remote locations, so everyone’s within reach. Deploy the SLR 1000 indoors or outside - it’s IP65 rated for dust and water protection. The compact size gives you more installation options. And a low power, fanless design uses less space and energy.

Price will be in the region of £2400 RRP.

Contact our sales team for further information - sales@dts.solutions 

27th June 2017


The latest from Motorola

26th June 2017

​Motorola celebtrate 10 years of MOTOTRBO™! 

18th April 2017 Product News

Introducing the new Motorola DP3661e!

The DP3661e is designed for the mobile professional who needs effective communications, with a compact design and high-performance integrated voice and data.  The radio is tested to military standards for extreme ruggedness, is TIA certified and is rated IP68 for almost complete immunity to dust and water.

The prominent orange emergency button on the DP3661e summons help with one touch, using Transmit Interrupt to clear a channel when necessary. An integrated accelerometer senses if you’ve fallen and can automatically call for assistance.

Bluetooth® audio lets you talk without wires, integrated Wi-Fi enables remote software updates and indoor and outdoor location-tracking capabilities give you total visibility of your resources. With support for trunking as well as legacy analogue technology, you can keep your organisation connected as it grows.

The DP3661e enhances the DP3441e offering with a display and limited keypad. These allow users to send and receive text messages, view a battery life status, perform front panel programming. offer a notification list and complete channel and radio settings.

CLICK HERE for more information.

10th December 2016 Product News

Motorola has confirmed that they will be cancelling the following products:

  • GLN7353 Mobile Control Head 
  • DR3000 350-400Mhz Rack LP-HP
  • PMNN4435AR -30 Degree IP68 1400mAh Li-Ion Battery 

Speak to Tracey, Ash, Grant or Dan in Sales for more information. 

14th November 2016 Product News

Motorola has confirmed that they will be cancelling the WAVE3000 product with immediate effect, as they have already launched the updated version WAVE5000.

The WAVE Mobile Communicator extends push-to-talk communications by enabling Android and Apple iOS smartphones, tablets and other speciality devices to securely communicate with other communication systems over broadband networks. 

If you wish to learn more about WAVE and how to integrate your cellular telephones with your radio systems please speak to one of our qualified WAVE Speclaists. 

13th September 2016 Product News

A quick reminder that some of the MOTOTRBO models are being cancelled soon, with the last order date being 31st October 2016. For a full list of the model numbers affected please download the cancellation notice. If you need any assistance we are happy to help, call a member of the team on 0800 542 7860.

4th August 2016 Product News

NEW Motorola MOTOTRBO Next Generation two-way radios.

Main Features

  • Indoor location tracking using integrated Bluetooth 4.0
  • Multi-constellation GNSS uses GPS & Glonass for improved accuracy & reliability
  • Integrated accelerometer for Man Down protection
  • Integrated HazLoc portfolio - UL TIA4950-certified DP2000e and DP4000e option
  • Integrated Wi-Fi for remote firmware updates
  • Clearer audio thanks to redesigned audio amplifier
  • Up to 8% longer range due to improved receiver sensitivity
  • Higher power on SL4000e - increased to 3W
  • Extended battery life of up to 29 hours from innovative low voltage battery technology
  • Improved durability with higher IP ratings for DP4000e, DP3441e and DP2000e
  • Silent alert with new vibrating belt clip option for DP4000e and DP2000e

Please note: Indoor location tracking, integrated Wifi & Man Down are optional chargeable features. 

New Next Generation Models

For pricing and availability enquiries please contact us on 01480 407740 or email sales@dts.solutions to speak to a member of our sales team.

27th June 2016 Product News

Motorola Cancellation Notice 

Motorola have informed us that they intended to cancel PMLN5275C which is their FM approved Heavy Duty Headset for the DP3 and DP4 series of radios.

The direct replacement for the cancelled PMLN5275C is the PMLN6852A Audio accessory-headset, behind the head. Please note that this headset is not FM approved.

Currently there is NO “like for like” FM approved replacement. However, there is a TIA4950 approved version for the new generation of heavy duty headset available as PMLN6853A (behind the head model).

Please contact our Sales Team for assistance. 

April 2016 Product News

Motorola Launch their Next Generation Digital Repeater

Motorola are pleased to announce availability of the new MOTOTRBO SLR 5500. This new 1-50W repeater is available in VHF and UHF frequency bands and delivers high performance, high reliability twoway radio service with all the features you need to connect your workplace whether you're in the field or on the factory floor.

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