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Mobile Phones - An Unreliable Backup 


The research suggests that mobile phones are being used as a backup solution to a radio system that’s not working to its full capability, or is in drastic need of an upgrade. However, mobile phones themselves are by no means a reliable means of critical communication.

Hytera discovered that more than half of those who claim to be supplying workers with mobiles phones could be sending people out into areas of weak or no coverage. If a worker is sent out alone into a hazardous area with a mobile phone, and coverage drops out, this immediately becomes a security risk.

Modern Digital Two-Way Radios come equipped with the latest safety features that help you protect worker safety. For instance, Lone Worker sends an alert when a radio becomes unresponsive, and Man Down can send an emergency alarm when a radio is on its side due to a user fall or incident. Many also have GPS tracking so that you can locate employees if an incident were to occur, or geo-fence them so that you know when they’ve entered an unauthorized or hazardous area.

What’s more, mobile phones are prone to breaking easily. Hytera’s two-way radios are rugged and can survive the rough and tumble of the industrial working day. What’s more, being a digital device, they offer improved coverage, capacity, clarity and battery life.

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New product announcement!

2nd October 2017 

Introducing the new Hytera PD485 DMR two-way radio!

An exciting new addition to the PD4 Series, the PD485 is a feature rich and cost-effective DMR handset with emergency mode.

Hytera are proud to introduce the new PD485 to complement the exiting PD405 and PD415 DMR handsets.

Highlights of the new PD485 include a full-sized keypad, an OLED display, dedicated emergency button and optional Bluetooth® and GPS. This compact DMR radio offers customers versatile, professional communication possibilities at very moderate price.

Matthew Napier, Sales and Marketing Manager for Hytera UK comments, "The DMR functions and Analogue migration options, effective frequency management and advanced services such as GPS location and integrated Bluetooth® make the PD485 the ideal two-way radio companion for professional users across many different industries. Our customers are requesting additional safety features, even on entry level devices. The PD485 delivers with the dedicated emergency button, yet, still at a price point which offers outstanding value for money."

Hytera HQ, in Shenzhen China, will be closed between Monday 3rd and Friday 7th October 2016. Between these dates, Hytera UK will not be able to process any equipment licenses.

01/04/2017 Product News

Hytera launches two-way radio for intergalactic communications​!

Hytera’s latest development in two-way radio communications, the PD0104, brings together high-power digital communication with exceptional connectivity to become the world’s first two-way device fully optimised for advanced intergalactic communications.

For more information, click here.

31/08/2016 Product News


Hytera has launched its latest DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) handheld PD985, adding another strong member to its top-notch DMR portfolio. PD985 offers exceptional audio experience as well as enhanced features like noise cancellation, full duplex call, Micro SD storage, Bluetooth 4.0 and single frequency repeater.

Key features of PD985:

Full Duplex Call
PD985 enables frontline personnel to make telephone calls between PD985 and telephones or mobile phones.

Single Frequency Repeater Mode
PD985 is able to use one slot to receive signals and another slot to transmit it in the same frequency in DMO mode to extend communication distance.

Built-in Bluetooth 4.0
With integrated Bluetooth 4.0, PD985 not only supports audio transmit, but also allows programming via Bluetooth.

Noise Cancellation and 2.5W Audio Output
The output speaker with a maximum of 2.5 Watts and our new noise cancelling technology ensure clear and loud voice communication.

IP68 Protection
Comply with the highest dust and waterproof standards, to confront the harshest environments, The radio functions well after submersion under water 2 meters deep up to 4 hours.

Smart Battery
This feature makes it easier to monitor the battery status, such as battery life time and charging time. It reduces charging time dramatically.

Micro SD Storage
PD985 supports maximum 32GB Micro SD card, to record up to 576 hours digital/ analog audio.

March 2016 Product News

Hytera Multisite XPT/V2 XPT/Smart XPT Dispatcher

Hytera have announced the launch of their multisite/version 2 XPT digital trunking solution. Linked over IP and covering up to 4 sites, XPT multisite enhances Hytera’s current DMR trunking portfolio which already features 2-slot pseudo trunking, single-site XPT and DMR Tier III.

This new version of XPT will also allow for telephone interconnect and linking of Hytera’s new dispatcher, SmartXPT directly into XPT rather than going via gateway mobiles. SmartXPT dispatcher, the newest dispatcher in Hytera’s range is based on Hytera’s feature-rich SmartOne dispatcher. It will integrate with both Hytera DMR Tier II solutions (conventional) as well as XPT, though XPT integration is limited to a single-site dispatch at this stage. Customers with Hytera’s Smart Dispatch will be able to easily upgrade to SmartXPT if they wish in the future.

October 2015 Product News

Hytera Patrol Solution Brochure now available

September 2015 Product News

Hytera DMR Tier II and Tier II available on 210 – 270MHz